Telegram bots for channel and chat admins

Formatting, statistics, sweepstakes, automatization and others

  • Controller Bot Formats publications with buttons, media and at a specified time. It is the main tool for channel authors since their beginning. Today, almost everything is available in standard functions, but many people continue to use it on a habit. Sometimes this bot can bug.
  • Webpage Bot Updates the preview of links and the content of publications opened inside Telegram.
  • Livegram Bot Provides feedback with subscribers via the bot.
  • Spam Info BotIt is quite easy to get banned in Telegram, and if your messages have stopped being delivered, you should check. The bot will also show ban terms.
  • Stickers Sticker pack management.
  • TGStat BotThis bot is provided by monitoring and analytics service of telegram channels. Suits for authorization on the site; viewing channel analytics and publications. @TGAlertsBot Suits to set up paid online notifications of channel or keyword mentions.
  • Crosser Bot Analyzes channel subscribers by the latest activity and shows intersections with others. Cleans the channel from inactive users and determines the gender of subscribers by name.
  • QuAn Large set of functionality for voting in channels and chats.
  • Combot The main tool for chat admins, stuffed with deep statistics and subtle response tools.
  • VoterBi This bot helps to organize competitions with checking the subscription to the channel, statistics and determining the winner.
  • TeleDonate Collects donates.
  • Roundy Converts videos to round video messages.
  • Manybot A platform to create bots without programming skills.
  • Telegraph Edits posts on and shows their statistics.
  • Paywall Website for creating a channel with paid access.
Useful chat bots on Telegram