Useful Telegram Chatbots

These chatbots help you to automate work process with social media. It will also suit those who are actively looking for interesting solutions

  • Gmail Bot Provides mailbox main functions. You don’t need to log in via website or mobile app anymore.
  • LiveDune Notification This bot is provided by commercial analytics service. It sends new comments to the chat from a given Instagram.
  • AmplifrBot This bot is provided by commercial cross-posting service. It allows you to plan and publish content to different social networks, send their statistics.
  • IFTT Provided by commercial service for integrating hundreds of different services and applications, from social networks to home devices. You can receive alerts or post specific content to a channel when the kettle has boiled or a user has added a photo to Facebook.
  • PosterBot Sends posts from different social networks to channels (cross-posting).
  • Voicy Translates voice messages and audio files into text from personal correspondence and chats.
  • Fake Mail Clean postal addresses. Suits well to confirm registrations when you don’t want to use real mail. Or if you want to prolong free trial period.
  • SaveBot Download videos from YouTube.
  • BTC banker Here you can exchange the most popular crypt money through a large network of operators.
  • Image Hosting You send an image, the bot uploads it to the hosting and gives a link.
  • Yandex.Translate Translates in private messages and chats.
  • RutrackerTorrent search.
  • Google Calendar Bot Reminders and integration with google calendar.
  • Now Playing Sends the current (or the last five) track you are playing from Spotify
  • Music channel catalog It provides links to channels of music groups with tracks and album navigation. Well suits to listen offline without the Internet.
  • VKBot Integration with publics. It is the best solution if many people administrate community at once. VKbot notify in working chat about all changes in the group: from the new comment to the joined ones/ unsubscribed. You can respond to comments and personal messages on behalf of the community as well as to approve to suggested news.
  • VK messages It has the same functions as the previous bot but is designed to work with a personal page.
Telegram bots for channel and chat admins